Tea Rose

Tea Rose

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ALSO KNOWN AS: Miniature Rose


SYMBOLISM: Happiness, Glory, and Beauty.

DESCRIPTION: Hybrid tea is an informal horticultural classification for a group of garden roses. They were created by cross-breeding two types of roses, initially by hybridising hybrid perpetuals with tea roses. It is the oldest group classified as a modern garden rose.

NAME STORY: Tea Rose: when you read this name, you will probably start questioning whether it is used for tea or does I look like a rose? It is called tea rose because its flowers give off a scent that is similar to the fragrant of a newly-opened bag of tea. Imagine when the hills are filled with flowered rosa hybrida, the fresh tea frangrance must be enjoyable and intoxicating. 

INTERESTING FACTS: The first modern rose in the world, La France, was bred in 1867, so the history of modern rose breeding has lasted more than 100 years. With the cross pollination of wild species such as the odor rose and multiflora rose, it is inevitable that some of the offspring will not conform to all the traits of its first parent species.