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A SPECIES OF: Waterlilies

ALSO KNOWN AS: Banana Water Lily and Mexican Water Lily

BOTANICAL NAMES: Nymphaea Mexicana

SYMBOLISM: Pleasure and peace. 

DESCRIPTION: Nymphaea Mexicana has thick rhizomes and long, spongy, creeping stolons which bear bunches of small yellow roots that resemble miniature bananas. The large, flat leaves are green with purple or brown patterning, and float on the surface of water. The floating lotus flowers have yellow petals and pointed, star-like, greenish-yellow sepals. The flowers close at night. 

INTERESTING FACTS: Nymphaea mexicana is perhaps best known as a noxious weed in wetlands outside of its native range, such as California. It can easily invade similar aquatic ecosystems when it is introduced. The plant is attractive and has been introduced to new habitats for ornamental purposes. The plant flowers during the summer, and also during spring and fall in warmer areas. Seeds are contained in green berries which grow underwater. It grows in marshes and readily invades canals and other shallow waterways, sometimes becoming a nuisance.