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A SPECIES OF: Pelargoniums

ALSO KNOWN AS: Garden Geranium, Scarlet Geranium, Bedding Geranium, Fish Geranium, and Horseshoe Geranium

BOTANICAL NAME: Pelargonium Hortorum

SYMBOLISM: Surrounded by happiness

DESCRIPTION: They are stocky and large. The flowers can be single or double, and have five petals positioned regularly around the center. The flowers come in many colors, including red, shades of pink, scarlet and white. The inflorescence is carried by a long rigid peduncle. Leaves of circular shape (2.5 inches in diameter) and have a winged venation and a leaf margin. The blade is covered by a dark annular area. 

NAME STORY: The genus name Pelargonium, in scientific Latin, derives from the Greek pelargós (πελαργός), designating the stork, the shape of the fruit evoking the beak of the bird. The specific epithet zonale is the neutral inflected form of the Latin zonalis "relative to the zone", with reference to the brown zone on the leaf.

INTERESTING FACTS: Geraniums are not only the pride of the African people, but also very popular in Eurasia. Germany, Spain, and Hungary have attached great importance to the production and breeding of geraniums, and Hungary has even made the colorful geranium their national flower. They are great for decorating windowsills. Red geraniums mean "you are always on my mind"; pink ones mean "I am glad to be with you".