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ALSO KNOWN AS: Common Garden Peony, Fragrant Peony, and White Peony

BOTANICAL NAME: Paeonia Lactiflora

SYMBOLISM: Heart, beautiful, moving, reluctant, and inseparable.

DESCRIPTION: It is 1.7-2.5 feet tall and broad, with lobed leaves 8-16 inches long. They are large and round, opening into fragrant, cup- or bowl-shaped flowers 3-6 inches in diameter, with 5-10 white, pink, or crimson petals and yellow stamens. 

NAME STORY: Common Garden Peony: As an ornamental plant, it happens to have up to hundreds of different species varying in color, size, and appearance. Any of the varieties add beauty to any garden. Considering it is commonly planted in gardens, it is called the common garden peony. Interestingly, the word "peony" is derived from the Latin name "paeonia". 

INTERESTING FACTS: Its flower shape is large and its color is bright and diverse, comparable to the peony, which is welcomed by people. Just like the peony, the chinese peony is also a flower of wealth and represents beauty and wealth. In ancient times, people gave the flower to each other to convey feelings of love, to express their yearning for each other, and also sadness and unwillingness in saying goodbye. In addition, it symbolizes firm friendship.