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A SPECIES OF: Dill Daisy

ALSO KNOWN AS: Paris Daisy, Federation Daisy, White Marguerite, and Paris Marguerite

BOTANICAL NAME: Argyranthemum Frutescens

SYMBOLISM: Pride, Satisfaction, and Joy.

DESCRIPTION: It is a perennial shrub that is about 2-3 feet tall and wide, while usually 1-3 feet tall. The alternate, more or less fleshy and blue-gree leaves are in outline oval to oval-lanceolate, 0.4-3 inches long and 1.6-2.5 inches wide. The foliage is green; the white, yellow or pink daisy-like flower heads with a yellow center are approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. 

NAME STORY: Marguerite, the French word for €œdaisy,€ is derived from the Greek word, margarite, which means €œpearl.€ The word €œdaisy€ comes from Old English daeges eage, meaning €œday's eye.€ 

INTERESTING FACTS: Like the other Argyranthemum species, the shrub marguerite originates from the Canary Islands. On El Hierro, La Gomera, Tenerife and Gran Canaria it is common in the coastal regions, on La Palma very rare. Overall, it is the most common species of the genus in the Canary Islands. The plant often grows in succulent shrubbery on well-drained, poor soils in full sun, preferably also near the coast at altitudes up to 700 meters.