Flaming Katy

Flaming Katy

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A SPECIES OF: Widow's-thrill 

ALSO KNOWN AS: Florist Kalanchoe, Christmas Kalanchoe, and Madagascar Widow's-thrill

BOTANICAL NAME: Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

SYMBOLISM: Longevity and health.

DESCRIPTION: The scallop-edged and ovate leaves are arranged in an opposite/sub-opposite fashion, are simple in type with crenate margins and an oblong shape. Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana flowers in late autumn to early winter; each flower has four petals and can be one of a wide variety of colors, from the dark reds and pinks to oranges, golds, and whites.

NAME STORY: Florist Kalanchoe: It is often called the florist kalanchoe because it is widely available in stores like grocery stores, supermarkets, flower shops, nurseries, etc. 
Christmas Kalanchoe: As Christmas approaches, it quietly blooms, and its beauty of its bright red flowers and dark green leaves draw everyone's attention. In the cold winter weather, it brings the warmth of Christmas festivities, so people like to purchase it to decorate their interiors for the Christmas season. Therefore, it is called the Christmas Kalanchoe.

INTERESTING FACTS: Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana is commonly known as flaming Katy. It usually blossoms in a series of small flowers clustered into one large vivacious flower head. So some people see it as symbolic of having a large family. They are usually given to middle-aged and elderly people as a gift, in line with their ardent hopes for their children and families. Putting a pot of it at home, injects the whole family with fresh vitality. They are easily maintained, even for those without a green thumb. It carries such a beautiful meaning that people who receive this flower will be lucky, happy, healthy, and live long.