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A SPECIES OF: Plumeria

BOTANICAL NAME: Plumeria Rubra

SYMBOLISM: Birth of hope, resurrection, and new life.

DESCRIPTION: Plumeria Rubra belongs to the dogbane family and grows as a spreading shrub or small tree to a height of 5-25 feet and similar width. The large green leaves can reach 1-1.7 foot long and are arranged alternatively. The colors range from the common pink to white with shades of yellow in the centre of the flower. Initially tubular before opening out, the flowers are 2-3 inches in diameter. 

NAME STORY: The common name "frangipani" comes from an Italian noble family, a sixteenth-century marquess who invented a plumeria-scented perfume. 

INTERESTING FACTS: There is a kind of flower that has no magical legend, nor mysterious birth, it is just a very common flower. Yes, it is the white frangipani. It has no noble and elegant temperament, only a simple appearance and light fragrance. Each flower consists of only five petals, simple and ordinary as life. But the meaning it carries is not ordinary, and that is hope!

ECONOMIC VALUE: extracts can be used in the manufacturing of premium cosmetics, soaps, and food additives.