African Violet

African Violet

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A SPECIES OF: African Violet

ALSO KNOWN AS: Usambara Violet and Blue African Violet

BOTANICAL NAME: Saintpaulia Ionantha

SYMBOLISM: Eternal love, loyalty, devotion, and faithfulness.

DESCRIPTION: The wild forms of Saintpaulia ionantha are evergreen, perennial herbaceous plants. As its name indicates, the african violet originated in the coastal region of Tanzania, Africa. It is a well-loved plant in many households, and its compact shape and beautiful blue, pink, purple, or white flowers add cheer to any room. The african violet is known to bloom nearly year-round but can be sensitive to cold, so keep at 55 degrees or above.

NAME STORY: African Violet: This plant is one of the traditional gifts for Mother's Day in many parts of the world. The large succulent leaves matched with purple flowers are lovely to look at. Although it is not a plant from Viola genus, it has similar looking flowers than any other Viola plant. As it is also originated from South Africa, it is called African Violet. 

INTERESTING FACTS: The original seed was discovered in 1892 by German Baron Paul in African colony. He sent it back to Germany to be planted by his father. It first appeared at the German Flower Show in 1893 and was described as the most interesting plant.