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ALSO KNOWN AS: Didier's Tulip and Tuplip

BOTANICAL NAME: Tulipa Gesneriana

SYMBOLISM: Love, charity, fame, beauty, blessing, eternity, expressions of love and eternal blessings.

DESCRIPTION: This tall, late-blooming species has a single blooming flower and linear or broadly lanceolate leaves. 

NAME STORY: The word, tulip was derived from (ARABIC WORD) pronounced as "delband" in the Persian language with the meaning of turban, in Ottoman Empire around 1554, by diplomat Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq. This name is chosen because of the similarity in the appearance of a tulip flower to that of a turban. It may have been due to the lost in translation during the time when wearing tulips on turbans was considered fashionable. Possibly, the translator may have been confused with the wording of both the flower and the turban. Also, it also commonly grown in the garden as an ornamental plant, it is then called garden tulip.

INTERESTING FACTS: Garden tuplip flowers are like lotuses. They are rich in color and gorgeous. They are world famous flower bulbs. In European and American novels and poems, garden tulip flowers are seen as symbols of victory, beauty, and grace.