Oriental False Hawksbeard

Oriental False Hawksbeard

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ALSO KNOWN AS: Native Hawksbeard, Japanese Hawksbeard, and Asiatic Hawksbeard

BOTANICAL NAME: Youngia Japonica

DESCRIPTION: It is an annual that produces yellow flowers. In tropical areas, it can bloom year round, while in temperature areas it blooms in late spring and early summer. Plants are variable in height, ranging from 4-59 inches depending on growing conditions. Stems are usually solitary and erect. This species grows especially well in disturbed areas, lawns, and roadsides. 

NAME STORY: Oriental False Hawksbeard: False dandelion is a common name for some plants that are similar to dandelions. Since it is native to eastern Asia in China and Japan, it is called oriental false hawksbeard. 

INTERESTING FACTS: Invasive status: Oriental False Hawksbeard native to East Asia in China and Japan, and its spread has exceeded its original range. It is now found worldwide as a non-native species. In the United States, it has penetrated into the entirety as an invasive species.