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A SPECIES OF: Transvaal Daisy

ALSO KNOWN AS: African Daisy, Daisy Barberton, and Gerbera Daisy 

BOTANICAL NAME: Gerbera Jamesonii

SYMBOLISM: Purity, innocence, childbirth, new beginnings, transformation, chastity, cheerfulness, and prosperity. 

DESCRIPTION: This plant produces tall colorful flowers in season. The flowers may be red, yellow, pink, or orange. 

NAME STORY: Barberton Daisy: its latin name is named after the person who discovers the plant, Robert Jameson. Its common name is Barberton Daisy, named after its place of discovery, Barberton Town in Mpumalanga Province. Barberton Daisy has developed into a symbol of religious worship in parts of South Africa. It is also a symbol of many sports teams, and it is also depicted in/on the banner and emblem of Mpumalanga.

INTERESTING FACTS: Colorful African chrysanthemums are like small shining suns, full of vitality. People are impacted by seeing their vibrant color and brightness, infected by its diffusion of happiness, liveliness, and open-mindedness. Garberas also have the symbolism of prosperity. Gerberas are great flowers for giving to others, and can also be used on many different occasions. At the beginning of the 20th century, in the small country of Madagascar in southern Africa, where tropical flowers and plants were abundant, there lived a young girl named Sloaney. She liked the little African chrysanthemum flower, with its slightly curved stems and drooping flowers. When she got married, she requested to add something to the ambiance of the wedding hall. During the wedding, friends and relatives from all sides sang, danced, and toasted one another. But little did anyone know that the groom, who usually drank very little, would be drunk already after 3 rounds of drinking. He hunched over and leaned from side to side, so the bride brought him to the bedroom to rest. When people saw this, they were reminded of the very similar shape of the wild flowers. Many girls said in unison, "Oh, the flowers are like Fulang!". From then on, the name "Fulang Flower" spread. It is because of such legends that the African chrysanthemum has become an important decorative flower for couples to include in their wedding celebrations. They represent the mutual respect and love of the newlyweds, and declare well wishes for the couple.