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BOTANICAL NAME: Lilium Brownii Var. Viridulum

SYMBOLISM: A century of harmonious union, happy family, and great love

DESCRIPTION: In the West, it is a plant that shows its presence in variuos places, as crests and paintings as a motif of the Virgin Mary. Even in Asia, it is said that China has already established food and medicine usage in the 4th century.

NAME STORY: Lily: The name is derived from the flower which has the meaning of "pure", "passion", and "rebirth". Lily is short for Lillian, Liliana, or Lilith. It might be derived from the Greek word "louloudi" which means flower. 

INTERESTING FACTS: The lily represents a century of harmonious union, great love, and profound blessing. The lily is uniquely quiet, symbolizing some of the characteristics women, such as independence and self-reliance. The lily is popular for its quiet and restrained characteristics. Ones with this birth flower have a pure character and are loved by all. But this is not enough for a peaceful life. He or she must have self-control, resisting the temptation to taint their inner innocence.