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A SPECIES OF: Blanket Flowers

ALSO KNOWN AS: Common Gaillardia, Firewheel, Brown-eyed Susan, and Indian Blanket Flower

BOTANICAL NAME: Gaillardia Aristata

SYMBOLISM: modesty, charm, happiness and joy.

DESCRIPTION: It is a perennial herb reaching maximum heights of anywhere between 8-28 inches. It has lance-shaped leaves near the base and several erect, naked stems holding the flowers.

NAME STORY: Common Blanketflower: The common name blanketflower may have come from its resemblance of the flowers to brightly patterned Native American blankets in similar colors. This wild species simply has the ability to completely cover the ground with a blanket of color. Also, this plant is the most common plant in its genus, so it is called common blanketflower.

INTERESTING FACTS: The school colors of Texas State University are maroon and old gold, a combination inspired by the gaillardia. Gaillardia species are used as food plants by the caterpillars of some Lepidoptera species, including Schinia bina (which has been recorded on G. pulchella), Schinia masoni (which feeds exclusively on G. aristata) and Schinia volupia (which feeds exclusively on G. pulchella).