Radiating & Reflecting Light

Photography, by definition, is the science, art and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film, or electronically by means of an image sensor. Imagery, on the other hand, is the vivid descriptive language that appeals to our five senses (sight, taste, touch, scent, and hearing). This also expresses ones thoughts and ideas, effectively making scenery that anyone can picture out in their mind’s eye.

When these two are put together, this result is the beautiful art of photographic imagery. This is Luma Image.

Here at Luma Image, we showcase distinctive photographs depicting unique imagery of floral and scenic art. Images are available in three dynamic options of acrylic, backlit and metal.

Acrylic Luma Images on 0.22 inch thick premium digital acrylic create a spectacular work of art with incredible luminous color and vibrancy. These acrylic Luma Images have a clean stylish look. Polished edges give each piece a fascinating quality and depth.

Backlit Luma Images printed on premium backlit acrylic provide an amazing option of light passing through the image creating a brilliant and unique showcase. The images explode with amazing detail and vivid color.

Metal Luma Images are available in square sizes ranging from 8 inches to 40 inches. Through dye-sublimation on high definition metal, images are infused to provide a durable, long lasting print medium with outstanding image clarity.

Our floral collection features a wide range of different flowers, from lilies to roses to weeds to sunflowers, so you’ll be able to find your favorite flower. One of the favorite features about the floral images is the bright colors. Flowers have always been one of the most beautiful and colorful creations in nature, and Luma Image brings that color to life.

In our scenic collection, we are sure that the images of sunsets, multi-colored trees, clear rivers and impressive mountains will catch your eye. Every detail in every picture is enough to make you feel as if you were there inside the photo, enjoying the beauty that nature offers.